Chaos7 [012]

Rouge the Bat has been touched up a lot since the last version of her. We may still make changes in the future.

Also there’s a pic of Ray I think we’re probably going to need to make changes to.

And those same fucking pics of Knuckles and a barely visible Sonic that I keep using to track height reference between the characters.

Artist - Layeyes

Character Design - Fishman


sonic the hedgehog fast approaching




カレンダー絵のルージュさん素敵すぎんぐだったからシャドウとシャドチャオと並べたよ!お似合いですね!!!!! 2枚目はMOTHERパロです

Chaos7 [011]

super early eggmobile concepts

expect more like this while we iron down the design(s) on them

Artist - Layeyes

man i should update this blog some more so people don’t think we’re dead


"Knuckles, put on some dramatic music!" Knuckles put on "Its my life" by Linkin Park. Yoshi shot the monster 150million times.


marriage? no way!

click on it for fullview

anyone wanna know anything about chaos7 they maybe don’t already?

i’ll be taking questions. mind you i’m always willing to answer questions on any day so really this is just to spur anyone curious.

chaos7 is a webcomic we’re making so don’t ask that unless you wanna ask somethin more specific with regards to it

smh people are tagging chaos7 pictures with #sonic boom because knuckles is big like he is in that

why didn’t i include text to the effect of ‘this is for a webcomic’ in that post